Deputy minister Tshwete to visit a school in Peelton

The department of water and sanitation hosted their second provincial workshop on the National Water and Sanitation Master Plan today in King William’s Town.

The main aim of the second provincial workshop on (the) Master Plan is to inform key stakeholders on the progress made by the department in developing the Draft National Water and Sanitation Master Plan and (to) solicit more inputs. The draft master plan will be presented before the Cabinet by the March 31st 2018”, said spokesperson of the department of water and sanitation, Lameki Jumba .

On Friday, the deputy minister of water and sanitation, Pam Tshwete, will visit Phillip Mtywaku Senior Secondary School in Peelton, near King William’s Town, where she will be engaging with the pupils about the importance of education and to prepare for the 2018 school calendar.

The Department will use the opportunity to educate the pupils about the importance of saving water and the importance of washing hands to avoid the spread of preventable diseases,” concluded Jumba.


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