Gift for dog groomer

KIND-hearted Amalinda locals Jennifer and Klaus Roddeman donated dog grooming equipment to an entrepreneur who has started her own business in the beauty industry, Princess Mngeni.

MAKING A DIFFRENCE: Klaus Roddeman(right),
handing over the dog grooming
equipment to Princess Mngeni as
a generous donation Picture: SIVENAHTHI GOSA

The couple collected funds from a garage sale to buy the equipment.

“I have always been interested in charity work and got the idea some time ago to assist people who are in the informal sectors, like Princess, to improve the image of their project when interacting with customers.
“I have noticed that many people in the informal sectors, such as lawn mowing, pavement traders and tradesmen like plumbers, painters and electricians, only have basic equipment and could do with either training in customer interaction,” Roddeman said.

The Daily Dispatch reported (“Mobile dog groomer digs it”, September 24 2017), on how Mdantsane local Mngeni was introduced by her mother to the business when she was 18 years old and 30 years later she has her own dog grooming business.

Roddeman and his wife donated equipment to the value of about R6000, including a case of roller, an industrial blue overall, rechargeable hair clippers, nail clippers, a double-sided hair brush , grooming glove, muzzle, special absorbent drying towel, grooming comb and scissors. which all costed approximately R 6000.

“After reading an article in the Daily Dispatch I called Mngeni to make an appointment. When she arrived she had an old bag and a plastic bag with her equipment.”
Roddeman said he also approached some companies for help and got generous donations which allowed him to purchase top quality equipment in a fairly short time.
Mngeni said she was very surprised by what her customer did for her .

“I wasn’t expecting anything from the Roddeman family. I thought I was just going to do my job, which is to groom the dogs, but they had something else in mind,” Mngeni said.

Mngeni started her job in 2007 after the business she worked for closed down but the owners, colleagues and customers advised and encouraged her to start a business of her own.
“I was a bit scared when I started, but seeing the support I got from my former bosses and colleagues, gave me encouragement to proceed and grow my business,” she said.


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