Eastern Cape ‘thieves’ stabbed‚ shot‚ thrown over cliff

Five men accused of waging crime against a Mount Fletcher community died horrifically when a mob apparently stabbed them‚ shot them and threw them over a cliff.

Provincial police confirmed the slayings‚ but had little information and appealed to the public to assist.

Most of the information came from traditional leader Chief Montoeli Lehana‚ who is from Chevychase village‚ close to Mount Fletcher.

Lehana said the mob believed that the men were responsible for a number of criminal activities in the area‚ including stock theft and burglary.

“They were killed because the community believe them to be the ones who have been terrorising our community for over five years‚ robbing businesses such as taverns and spaza shops‚” said Lehana.

He said the men were first assaulted with sharp and deadly weapons before they were shot and dumped down a cliff.

Lehana called the killings barbaric and inhumane‚ and said mob justice would not solve any of the community’s problems.

“It is really disturbing and I am not happy with the fact that none of the community members thought to approach me before taking the law into their own hands.”

Daily Dispatch http://www.dispatchlive.co.za/news/2018/04/11/5-shot-dumped-over-cliff/



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