Group offer love and support to each other

THE Live Love Laugh Support Group offers exactly that to anyone facing a difficult time in their lives.

Director Jackie Orsmond said the Support Group, which was founded three years ago as a depression and anxiety group, saw a greater need for people seeking support in the Buffalo City Metro area.

SUPPORT: Live Love Laugh Support Group meets every third Thursday of the month to offer support to anyone going through a hard time Picture: SUPPLIED

“The support group is a group of people seeking support and experiencing similar problems.

“We usually have 10 people in a group. If there are more, we have two groups because if it’s a bigger group people may not want to share. The group has to be small and intimate,” she said.

Orsmond said the aim of the support groups was  is to create a safe, non-judgmental environment for all participants.

“Sharing your problems with someone takes away the loneliness and isolation that one can experience,” Orsmond said.

“You feel connected if you are experiencing the same problem and you can assist in others’ coping strategies, empower each other and have a sense of belonging.”

David de Kocks, who started attending the support group last year after going through a difficult period in his life, said it the support group was is a safe place for people to discuss common issues, without being vulnerable.

“I think the phrase “Live, Love and  Laugh” caught my attention.

“I had been through a difficult period and was getting back on track and thought these  may be the kind of like-minded people I needed in my life,” he said.

He said The  support group have had a large impact on his life and it had made him realise that one cannot live in isolation.After having joined the group, he realised one cannot live in isolation.

“Through my encounters with fellow members it made me realise that, through sharing our tears and laughter, I grew stronger and was able to move forward without the baggage.

“This led me to enrol for the Personal Growth Course and after successful completion of the Counselling Skills Course offered by Masithethe, in January I was inducted as a volunteer lay counsellor with Masithethe.

“I am proud to say that I now serve my community through Masithethe by conducting one-on-one counselling, as well as facilitating group meetings,” he said.

Orsmond said life could can be very tough stressful and the support groups provided a have a way for people to support each other.  of helping one another.

“Life can be very stressful, and sometimes we do not have anyone who we can share our problems with. This is where support groups come in. They can allow some sense of healing,” he said.

The support group is held on the third Wednesday of every month from 6 to 8pm at  Masithethe Counselling Services, 3 St James Road, in Southernwood. All are welcome. Everyone is welcome to attend.



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