Peggy Nesta spoil mums

Standing in front: CEO of Peggy Nesta Foundation , Valda Van Heerden, with the senior citizens of some of the old age homes in East London, during the Mothers Day event at the West bank Golf Club Picture:SIVENATHI GOSA

THE Peggy Nesta Foundation hosted a Mother’s Day event recently for elderly citizens who reside in old age homes – at the West Bank Golf Club. Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation chief executive, Valda Van Heerden, said the purpose of the event was to bless the elderly, because they were often forgotten.

“We are showing appreciation to them to let them know that we haven’t forgotten about them.

“There are four old age homes that we cater for today: Gompo Wellness Centre, Berea Gardens, DJ Selby and one from King Willaims Town,” Van Heerden said.

The elderly women were entertained with music and took the opportunity to show off their dancing skills.

Some even shared their singing talents. They were then given colourful scarves and a pink rose. Members of the Berea Gardens Old Age Home said they were grateful.
of what the foundation has done. “We were well taken care of, from the lovely tasty meal to the entertainment. We are truly grateful.”

Van Heerden said the foundation was busy with a big project of building a care centre for drug addicts.

“It will be called, Wayne Reed Care Centre and will be built in Buffalo Flats. It will help reduce the drug epidemic that is happening in our communities. There will also be a skills programme where the young will be taught skills that they can use for employment,” she said.

Van Heerden said their next dignity function event will be in August to celebrate Woman’s Month.


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