The shack aiming to up East London social scene

SITUATED at the East London Life Savers Club, the Shack Market  aims to bring together the East London  the community has opened its doors to bring together the community together for delicious food, live music and a good time.

Founder Nicole Jean McComb said The Shack market would will take place on the last Friday of every month. for the East London community to get together and experience delicious food.

FULL HOUSE: People enjoying themselves at the gourmet food experience held on the last Friday of every month at the Nahoon Life Savers Club Picture: SUPPLIED

“It’s aimed at  trying to bring a big-city feel to East London where everything is beautifully designed and effort has been put into the infrastructure and feeling of the space.

“I hope to build it up to feel like a different taste sensation every time,” she said.

McComb,  a qualified artist who has done a bit of travelling, said the idea came to her when she returned came back to East London to find there was a lack of social entertainment for people.  life.

“I have always loved people and social environments and when coming back to East London, it felt as if there was a lack. I loved growing up here and so I am attempting to bring some ‘fun’ back,” she said.  explained.

McComb said the opening night of The Shack market proved to her that there was a need for more social events in the city.  in the community.

“The support for the first night blew me away and was like nothing I ever expected.

“The East London community was out in full force –  the food was sold out in two hours and the bar was dry.

“The food vendors will definitely be prepared for the crowds to come again.

“I have experienced some great events and I hope to make my own,” said McComb, who said she was very blessed to have the support of her family too. said.

“I am very blessed with a family support system to make parties and vibe happen.”

McComb also plans to start will also be starting a Boozy Bingo evenings from the July 19. The venue is to be confirmed.


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