SPCA market pulls at heart strings

The East London SPCA held an Open Day Winters Market at their animal sanctuary in Amalinda on Saturday morning.

The market usually takes place at the end of the year and aims to encourage people to adopt the animals.

SPCA fundraiser Margaret Pautz said they decided to hold do the market now rather than at the end of the year when the weather was hot.

FOR THE ANIMALS: Visitors Open market attendees making their way through the Open Day Winters Market held at the East London SPCA Picture: AMANDA NANO

“We set up stalls among the animals so that the market goers can see them while taking advantage of the goods on sale,” Pautz said.

Stall holder Niki Bam said supporting the SPCA was is a good cause as they did do a lot to look after the animals.

“I have pledged to give a percentage of my sales today to the organisation to assist in their endeavours,” Bam said.

There were was a variety of stalls on display, from paintings to toys and books to food.

Pautz urged the public to get involved – even as a volunteers – to help the animals in need.

“We will be having a Biker’s Breakfast on August 12 at Hams Club as a fundraising event.

“Please pull in and join us,” said Pautz said.


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