Flying car hits house

An out-of-control Avanza flew through the air into a Mdantsane house, entering through the roof and wrecking the walls at the back of the house at the weekend.

The four-roomed NU13 home was hit on Sunday morning.

Images of the debris and mangled car circulated on social media.

The two occupants of the Avanza were hospitalised.

The roof is destroyed and the walls appear to be tottering.

Mdantsane police spokesperson Captain Mluleki Mbi said:

“The accident occurred on Sunday just after 10am.

“The driver of the Avanza, who was travelling with a passenger, drove into the house after losing control of the vehicle.

“Judging by the impact on the house, the driver appears to have been driving at an abnormal speed, with the vehicle flying above the house and entering through the roof, damaging the back of the house,” Mbi explained.

He said there was no report of drunken driving.

“There are no reports of anyone being inside the house at the time of the incident, but the the two occupants of the vehicle have been hospitalised,” he said.


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