Market throws up weird, wonderful

YOUNG fashionistas and artists in the East London area were given a platform to display their arts and crafts at the Anti-Social Market held on Saturday August 4 at The Mustard, Vincent.

Founder Sonwabile Qinela from King William’s Town said the open market showcased clothes, art and other crafts.

“I want to inspire people to tell them that success in the fashion scene is not only found in Johannesburg. We can do our own thing successfully in the province,” Qinela said.

FASHION AND FUN: Sonwabile Qinela shows off his colourful attire at The Mustard during the Anti-Social Market day Picture: SUPPLIED

He said the market day was a celebration of fashion, music, food, and photography.

“The event was great and everything went well. It was way bigger than I expected,” he said.

The market started in October last year with its main goal to empower and support the province’s youth, while also encouraging people from other provinces to attend.

“I’m also the founder of clothing label Street Kidd. I come from a disadvantaged background, so I had to make do with the clothes I had,” Qinela said.

He said that experience had made him want to stand out from the crowd.

“I want to take the Eastern Cape to the next level and give youth exposure as they are coming through. We do not have any sponsors so I’m paying for everything from my own pocket,” he said.


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