Poor state of ocean inspires musical

RELAYING MESSAGE: Dancer Kristen Kirtley is lifted up by fellow dancers during a rehearsal for ‘The Last Straw’. Co-directed by local playwright Jen Bryson Moorcroft and dance teacher Charene Harris, the original musical theatre piece, promoting the reduced use of single use plastics, will be staged at the Alexander Playhouse from September 6- 8.
Image: Supplied /Alison Du Preez

Local playwright, Jen Bryson Moorcroft and dance teacher, Charene Harris have joined forces to bring East London audiences an original environmental musical theatre production titled The Last Straw.

Promoting the reduced use of single use plastics, the show is set on the pristine sea planet, Ultramarine, and follows the fantastical sea creatures that inhabit the planet as they encounter a new strange species – humans.

While many are intrigued with these plastic-spewing beings and the gifts they bring, there is a hidden trap as Plasticide the Destroyer is on the loose.

Sustaining the environmental message with each detail of the show, the sets and props, designed by Odette Jooste and small intricacies on the costumes, designed by Judy Raffan, are made from recycled materials.

“Our coral reef and waves, little sea creatures and additions to the costumes are made from recycled plastic. It’s given the whole show a really authentic feel and promotes the idea of turning trash into art and re-using our plastic waste,” Moorcroft said.

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By: Madeleine Chaput

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