KID hosts child safety initiative

The Kids In Distress (KID) initiative is trying to increase awareness of child safety after the recent spate of attempted child abductions in East London.

This initiative was started by Roxanne Williamson together with Cornerstone, an NPO that deals with human trafficking.

“The main aim is educating the parents, educators and primary caregivers about the human trafficking industry as a whole,” said Williamson.

The initiative aims to conduct presentations on how to better manage social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram, as these can be the starting points for predators.

“We need to privatise our posts, avoid check-ins and also avoid showing our children’s faces. We also need to stay vigilant of our surroundings, especially around children’s schools and even malls or shops,” she said.

This series of presentations aims to have Red Alert Security advise on how to open cases and other safety tips. Also on the cards is a presentation from a child psychologist to help parents communicate the dangers of child trafficking to their kids.

“We want to encourage teaching our kids from a place of knowledge, not fear,” Williamson said.

Another important initiative is to start a petition demanding that government enforce harsher sentences with no chance of parole against those who commit crimes against children.

“The other part of the petition is for fingerprinting to be done of children so that it can be put into the SAPS database.

“This can assist in proving links between victims and suspects,” she added. The public is urged to attend meetings on Saturday from 6pm-8pm at Gonubie Marine Club and on Sunday at 1pm-2pm at the Bikers Church in Gonubie.

Concerned parties can also visit the Conerstone website on or their Facebook page.


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