Bhisho massacre commemorated today

PAYING RESPECT: Remembering the Bhisho massacre 25 years on. Premier Phumulo Masualle lays a wreath at the memorial site in Bhisho last year Picture: DAILY DISPATCH FILE

September 7, 1992, marks the anniversary of the Bhisho Massacre where 28 protesters were killed and over 200 injured by soldiers serving the apartheid regime.


The day started when thousands of protesters gathered outside Bhisho to demand an end to the military government of the late-Brigadier Joshua Gqozo and to call for the re-absorption of the Ciskei homeland into South Africa.


The protest was led by several senior African National Congress leaders including South African Communist Party Secretary General Chris Hani, Cyril Ramaphosa, Steve Tshwete and Ronnie Kasrils. Soldiers opened fire on the protesters when they attempted to cross Ciskei Defence Force lines in order to enter Bisho.


According to the provincial department of sport, recreation, arts & culture, the commemoration will assist to educate the nation about the importance of preserving social memory, strengthen and deepen democracy and promote social justice for the victims both living and the departed.


There will also be a cleansing ceremony for those people who lost their lives and their blood shed on that fateful day. The event will be commemorated in three phases, starting at Ginsberg Cemetery, and thereafter moving to Bhisho Memorial Park and, finally, Good News Church.


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