Bodybuilder to flex it for SA

King William’s Town veteran bodybuilder, Shane Kreusch has earned himself the honour of representing South Africa at the PCA World Championships, which will be held in the UK in October.

“It’s definitely an honour to have been selected to represent my country. It wasn’t an easy road and a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into getting into a position where I was able to be chosen,” Kreusch he said.

He added that he was grateful for his wife, Kristy, who has played an important role in his achievement, as well as his family’s the support and motivation.

BIG GUNS: Shane Kreusch will represent South Africa at the PCA World Championships in the UK Picture: SUPPLIED

Kreusch has also had the honour of gracing Muscle Evolution, a national bodybuilding magazine, earlier in 2018. Being in the industry for over more than 20 years has earned him many accolades, despite taking a hiatus in from 2004 and only returning to compete again in 2017.

As part of his training, he takes three days which he splits to focusing on all muscle groups, and a day to rest. Additionally, his training consists of cardio in the morning and weightlifting in the evening.

“My diet plan consists of meals made up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats broken into six meals a day. I am a TNT- and Ciccone-sponsored athlete, so supplementation forms a big part of my diet to reach my full potential,” Kreusch said.

Bodybuilding wasn’t something that come came naturally to him 20 years ago, but it’s something he grew passionate about.

“As someone who that was relentlessly teased about being so thin, I decided it was up to me to change that perception. I walked into a gym and have never looked back,” he said.

The labour law specialist and gym owner said he would compete for as long as he was physically able to.

“It’s imperative that I set an example for my gym members. This motivates them and encourages them to pursue and achieve their own goals,” he said.


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