TRAFFIC | Rain continues to cause havoc on EC roads

Motorists negotiate wet roads along the North East Expressway.PICTURE ALAN EASON ©DAILY DISPATCH

The  Eastern Cape department of transport, safety and liaison has advised motorists to exercise due care on the roads following the adverse weather conditions in various parts of the province.

Three accidents were reported since the start of heavy rains on Thursday afternoon.

Departmental spokesperson Unathi Bhinqose said: “The steady rainfalls that continue to sweep across most parts of the province have caused a bit of a havoc on our roads, resulting in a number of accidents, with no less than three crushes reported already. Thankfully, no fatalities or serious injuries or even fatalities have been reported so far.”

Bhinqose said the call to motorists to be extra cautious on the roads, especially in rainy conditions, could never be over-emphasised.

“The roads are wet and slippery with very poor visibility. The R72 between Fish River and Port Alfred has been flagged as one of the worst affected – it is waterlogged.”

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By Bhongo Jacob



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