Quigney public toilets in state of neglect

Despite the Esplanade beachfront being regularly swamped with locals and tourists, there is growing concern about the state of the  public toilets in the area.

The GO! & Express has observed the only working public toilets in the area are the ones  next to the lifeguard’s changing rooms, while those the ones opposite Garden Court are a haven for drug users.

The public toilets in Ebuhlanti remain closed and in a state of neglect.

Quigney ward-councillor Vusumzi Njece said there were plans in place to maintain and unblock these public toilets.

However, he said there were processes that needed to be followed.

Njece said both of the toilet facilities  near the lifeguard changing rooms and opposite Garden Court were open and “have cleaners who report for duty every day”.

“In Ebuhlanti,  there are about three sets of public toilets, two of which are being renovated.

“Security is a challenge in this area as the toilets are vandalised at night,  although they are being looked after during the day,” he said.

Njece said there added that there were plans to bring in security guards to protect the public toilets in Ebuhlanti. “As the city, we are addressing the issue at  all amenities.” We are ready and up for the challenge,”he said.   said Njece.

Buffalo City Metro (BCM) spokesperson man Samkelo Ngwenya said the toilets in Ebuhanti had have been closed after they were  broken into and vandalised  and while water pipes were stolen.  which resulted in the municipality closing them.

“Nevertheless, metro officials went on site on Tuesday morning to view the toilets and we are going to do a requisition to replace the stolen pipes as soon as possible. They will be operating before the festive season begins,” he said.

Democratic Alliance’s DA PR councillor for ward 47, Lindsey Pollock, said they were aware of the “shocking state situation of the public toilets”  in that area.

“The pictures tell the story. The public toilets [or lack of] are a serious problem in the Quigney area.

“It is unacceptable that BCMM expects the public to use toilet facilities that are a health hazard and unsafe. It is blatantly obvious that the toilets have not been cleaned at all.

“The DA Democratic Alliance will continue to do oversight visits and will contact the relevant officials,” she said.

Ngwenya added that in preparation for the festive season, the metro was in the  process of doing site inspections  on  public toilets in the area in order to get them ready and working.

“The site inspection will then determine the future use of the toilets. As soon as the water pipes have been replaced and installed, which we anticipate will be in October 2018, they will then be accessible,” said Ngwenya.


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