8 years jail for sex predator Neil le Roux

Neil le Roux taught in primary and high schools all over SA
Neil le Roux taught in primary and high schools all over SA  Image: Michael Pinyana

Teacher, rapist and sex predator, Neil le Roux, 67, is going to jail for at least eight years and can only appeal his sentence, and not his conviction.

On Thursday Le Roux, who taught at a top East London school when he committed his crimes, was sentenced before a packed court to 18 years in jail by East London regional court magistrate Ignatius Kitching. But this will translate into an effective eight years.

Le Roux showed no emotion and simply stared at the magistrate. Outside court he chatted to his lawyers and at one stage raised his walking stick with a flourish.

However, after Le Roux’s sentencing in the morning, Kitching granted him leave to appeal the sentence in the afternoon.

In May Le Roux was found guilty of raping one student teacher and sexually assaulting another one, and of the sexual grooming and sexual assault of a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

Kitching sentenced him to eight years direct imprisonment for the rape, six for the grooming and four for the two counts of sexual assault.

However, due to his advanced age and ill health, all will run concurrently.

-Asanda Nini.




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