Lending school a helping hand


GIVING BACK: Helping Hands Foundation members with teachers and pupils of Dickson Dyani Higher Primary School in Mdantsane Picture:SUPPLIED

Helping Hands Foundation donated toiletries to Dickson Dyani Higher Primary School in Mdantsane last week.

The organisation was established this year in April to bring about positive change by making a difference with the little they have.

Founder Anelisa Madikane said the idea for of the foundation organisation came about when her birthday was approaching.

“I heard an inner voice saying that instead of spending my money on things that are not tangible and meaningful, let me use it in a way that could make a difference in someone’s life. That is where the foundation was established.”

The foundation donated 210 packets of toiletries to the pupils.

“I believe I got the spirit of giving from my father because growing up he used to adopt children into our home, raise them, send them to school. My friends used to get Christmas clothes from my parents. They didn’t have much, but they made a difference with what they had,” she said.

Madikane said this was their sixth campaign of giving back to the community. Their first involved cooking and donating clothes to the homeless of Quigney.

“We asked friends, family and community members for donations. We also received sanitary towels from Keep a Girl in School.

“We are hoping to have our own home one day, where we can provide meals every day and a safe place for both children and the elderly,” she said.

The foundation is currently collecting clothes and food for locals of Duncan Village who lost their homes in from the fire.


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