Man photographed ‘dangling’ dog from moving car comes forward

The man photographed 'dangling' a dog from his car says he was trying to prevent it from jumping out the moving car
The man photographed ‘dangling’ a dog from his car says he was trying to prevent it from jumping out the moving car  Image: Supplied

The man photographed “dangling” a dog from a moving car in a picture that was widely spread on social media says he was in fact trying to prevent the pooch from jumping out of the car.

This emerged when the man was interviewed by police after a case of animal cruelty was opened on Wednesday. The driver who photographed the incident has also given a statement to police.

The incident happened in Mohammed Desai Road, Fairview.

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the driver went to the Walmer police station where he gave police a statement.

“It has emerged that the driver was on his way home when his children called him saying that the dogs had escaped. He saw the dogs while driving home and put them into his car,” she said.

“While driving, the one dog jumped out of the car window and the driver managed to grab it by the leg to stop it from landing in the road.”

The driver in the car behind managed to photograph the incident.

“The man who took the picture stopped alongside the car and told asked him what was happening. It was explained that the dog tried to jump out of the car window. They then put the dog in the boot,” she said.

“They then went their separate ways. For some reason, unknown to anyone, the man who took the picture still went ahead and put it on social media. Obviously people saw this and assumed animal abuse without knowing the full story.”

Police launched an investigation after the picture spread on social media on Wednesday, with allegations of animal abuse.

“A man who saw the picture, but was not a witness to the incident, opened a criminal case as he felt based on the image alone that it was intentional and a matter of animal abuse,” Naidu said.

Naidu said while the two versions corresponded, the case – which had been finalised – would still be sent to the Senior Public Prosecutor for a decision.

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