Sweating it to help animals

Mission PAWsible, a campaign to raise funds for animals, was held on Saturday at Body Culture Gym.

The event, currently in its second year, was originally started by Liesel Bezuidenhout.

The 2018 fundraiser saw 62 people take took part in a push ups challenge to raise funds for Furever Homes, an NPO that sterilises unwanted animals and finds them homes.

Bezuidenhout had made a pledge of doing 1,050 push ups, with the sponsorship being R500 per 100 push ups achieved.

Liesel doing push ups for a furry cause Picture: AMANDA NANO

“It’s giving in a fun way and celebrating my birthday this way instead of getting presents.

“Next year, I’d like to do something different and I’m hoping for this to grow bigger,” she said.

She also far surpassed her managed to smash past the 1,050 goal, completing 2,100 push-ups, making it her personal best record.

Furever Homes’ Amber Wiggile said the event this was a lovely way to include the community.

“We’re now working towards a township programme of sterilising cats. We’re currently looking after 78 kittens which need adoption,” Wiggile said.

Supporting the initiative was The Motorland Group’s director, Wayne Strauss, together with supporting staff members.

From left, Dan Saunders, Jarryd Dennis and Wayne Strauss of The Motorland Group Picture: AMANDA NANO

“We wanted to show our support for Liesel and Furever Homes. This was fun and I’m hoping she got quite a lot of funds,” Strauss said.

The campaign raised campaign managed to bring in more than over R20,000, and as well as donations of cat and dog food.


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