CHRONICLES OF A WALKING WOMAN : Day 3 of Week 6 (Gallery)

WEDNESDAY November 21, 2018 marked Day 3 of Week 6 of my walk. I went for just a very short stroll (0.3km) as it was way too windy for much meandering around the ‘hood. Once again – photo’s are unedited.

BEDROCK: Someone call Slate Rock and Gravel Company – Fred Flintstone has lost his load!
THORNY ISSUE: Hmmm … grateful for a couple of points here – namely, I spotted this before I stepped on it and that if I had stepped on it, I had shoes on …
WAVE YOUR PALM – You have to give me that one – wave your palm as in wave your hand as in your hand has a palm.
VERDANCY: A near-perfect picnic spot. All that’s needed is a bench or two and a table. Oh, and some sarmies, and coffee, and all the lekker kos that one needs to have a S’efrican picnic.
RED HOT POKER: Among the greenery was … this …. right near the entrance to our workplace.


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