Spread Christmas cheer with GO! team

Christmas is knocking on our door once more and, sadly, there remain many who don’t have a home, food, or decent clothing to bring them comfort at this time of year.

Giving should be a daily exercise for everyone, and yet we don’t always put it into practice until this time of year when our heartstrings are tugged by stories of those who are in need of the necessities, as opposed to the luxuries that we tend to buy for ourselves.

Therefore, it is in the spirit of giving and spreading goodwill that individuals and corporates are invited to donate and participate in the GO! & Express Christmas Cheer initiative and in so doing so, bring hope and happiness to those in need.

Partner with the GO! & Express by dropping off donations of non-perishable food items at our offices based at the corner of St Helena Road and Quenera Drive, Beacon Bay or at the old Daily Dispatch building on the corner of Caxton and Station streets in town. This can be done from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm until Wednesday December 12. From there, the GO! & Express team will distribute all items to a charity or charities as deemed in need by the GO! & Express Tteam.

Should you have any inquiries, you are welcome to contact Wendy Kretschmann on 043-702-2280, e-mail wendyk@tisoblackstar.co.za or #GoExpressChristmasCheer


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