Don’t be fooled by false information about load-shedding

Messages with false information about load-shedding have been doing the rounds.

One‚ which claims to be from Eskom‚ suggests that there will be no electricity in the country on Thursday from 6am to 12pm.

In a statement subsequently shared on Twitter‚ Eskom said these messages are “false and misleading“.

Eskom explained that load-shedding is a “measure of last resort” to “stabilise the system” and avoid a “total blackout“. It is controlled and managed “on a rotational basis” for periods of between two and four hours at a time.–SA/status/1070409198264045568

Eskom has confirmed that load-shedding will be implemented today from 9am to 10pm “due to a shortage of capacity.”–SA/status/1070561086204719104


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