‘Positive mindset’ helps EL woman to 100 years

TRULY BLESSED: Edith Seeney-Roskilly reaches a milestone by celebrating her 100th birthday on Friday Picture:SUPPLIED

Bunkers Hill resident Edith Seeney-Roskilly will be celebrated her 100th birthday with friends and family at the Beacon Bay Baptist Church Hall on Friday.

“I have a been a Sunday school teacher, young people’s fellowship leader and have had a flourishing group for the elderly who were hungry for the word of God,” she said.

Roskilly said her fondest childhood memory was playing with tea sets with her mother.

“I am from a Christian home and there were eight children – two sets of twins.

“I was twin to my late brother, who passed away at tender young age. We had a happy home,” she said.

Roskilly has three children, two daughters and one son who sadly passed away at the age of 35. She also has nine grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.

“We are a very close family. My daughters have cared for me lovingly, my son-in-laws have opened their doors wide open for me. I am so blessed,” said Roskilly.

Her hobby is to read different kinds of books.

“I am currently reading a book about China and Japan, but my main book is the Bible,” she said.

“The secret to reaching my age is serving my Heavenly Father, and having a positive mindset. I believe you cannot be a Christian if you are don’t have a positive mindset or faith.”

Roskilly attends church at Beacon Bay Baptist Church, where she receives spiritual food and fellowship.

“These days I cannot do much, but I can be a prayer warrior and pray for our sick, our country and other prayers that are needed,” she said.

“God as has spared me 100 years of happiness, peace, joy and loving family and friends. I am grateful for that.”

HallOne of her daughters described her mother as a good disciplinarian, very selfless, and a reliable and stable grandmother.

“Our favourite meal that our mother would make growing up was the Sunday roast she did, but her favourite meal now is chicken stew, vegetables and some savoury eats,” she said. Hall.


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