Truck crash leaves Belgrave Road blocked off

A large truck left the corner of Belgrave Road and St Matthews Road blocked off on Sunday after it crashed into two large jacaranda trees.

A large branch blocks access at the intersection of Belgrave Road and St Matthews Road, East London, after a truck crashed into a tree on Sunday morning

Local resident Tessa Booth said she heard “the most terrible noise” at 1:30am as the truck tore down the street.

“I came out to see what it was and he [the truck driver] was parked outside Mobile Court in Belgrave Road like he was not concerned at all with what he had caused,” Booth said.

A large branch that was torn off the tree lay across the road.

When the GO! & Express arrived on the scene on Monday morning, most of the smaller debris had been cleared but the branch still blocked off traffic..

A row of traffic cones on either side served as warning to motorists to steer clear of the area, while a traffic officer kept watch from his vehicle.

According to Booth, however, the officer had only arrived much later and police had initially showed little concern when she phoned them.

“I phoned the police twice to ask if they could come do something, just for the safety of the vehicles. They were not interested,” she claimed.

Booth said when she called the police, the woman on the other end had simply said: “What do you want us to do?”

Attempts to reach the East London SAPS spokesperson for comment were unsuccessful at the time of going to print.


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