Massage puts Swartz in touch with clients

For Michael Swartz, the gift of hearing after 25 years has opened up a world of possibilities, including being able to open his own massage therapist business in East London.

Swartz currently holds nine certificates in massage therapy and hasn’t rested on his laurels. He is still on a the journey of acquiring speech therapy skills to communicate better since 2018.

“I’m an entrepreneur and I’d like to employ other deaf people, and also be an example to the hearing,” he said.

He admits that working for himself isn’t easy, and means more responsibility but his quiet motivation keeps him going.

Body Therapy by Michael Denton, based in Stirling, offers a range of treatments such as hot stone full body massages and advanced Indian massage – to name but a few.

SPECIAL TOUCH: Body Therapy by Michael Denton doing a back massage. Picture: AMANDA NANO

The GO! visited the premises. The relaxing Indian head massage eases tension in the neck and head.

Swartz seems to have knack for getting to the right places as he told me what he could feel as he was working.

“I can feel people’s emotions when massaging them. I’m no doctor but I can see it,” he said.

He picked up in our appointment that he could sense that there was a headache as well as tension and stress.

“You watch TV to fall asleep but it doesn’t seem to work, you’re also not a morning person,” describing what he had picked up from the GO! visit.

The holistic surroundings finished with a touch of class, concentrates on body treatment and that of the spirit.

Swartz’s partner, Jordan Clarke said he’s very happy for themselves. To make a booking, contact 043-735-3025 or WhatsApp 072-528-2698.

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SPECIAL TOUCH: Michael Swartz doing a hand massage. Picture: SIVENATHI GOSA


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