Dancing to happy place’ with single


SINGING SENSATION: East London music star Nichume Siwundla is making it big on the SA music scene

It was through in a band formed when she was still at Clarendon Girls’ High School that Nichume Siwundla’s musical journey began.

Since then, the 26-year-old has been featuring in big songs recognised around the country, such as Mobi Dixon’s Bhutiza.

Siwundla released her own single, Thobela, last week Friday.

“Thobela is a celebration song which pays homage to some of my personal greats and leading ladies of the South African music industry.

“It is a song that encourages us to celebrate the small victories – even in times when it seems as though there will never be a breakthrough.

“It’s a dance song, a happy song that assures one that at some point you’ll be dancing to your happy place,” said Siwundla.

“I ventured into music during my high school years when my friends and I started a band called NaQNi which was a combination of our names: Nambitha, Qhawe and Nichume which we translated to the Xhosa word “Nakuni”, meaning ‘You’. I was also in my church choir as a lead minister and this is where I found my voice.

“Music has always been a part me. At home, Sundays are filled with music from gospel in the morning, R&B in the afternoon, right through to jazz in the evenings,” she said.

Siwundla said Bhutiza was actually a shock to her, as she has never seen herself doing a dance song but, ironically, most of her upcoming music which she has been working on belongs to the is house genre.

“Ultimately I would love to see myself doing something more contemporary and soulful,” she said.

Before focusing on her music, Siwundla was a full-time ophthalmic technician in Johannesburg, where she is still currently based.

Her big break in the music industry was in 2013 when she featured in a song with Mobi Dixon and DJ Anda.


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