SA men are sexually abused too, but stigmas stop them from speaking out

Several men have come forward to say that South African women are guilty of gender-based violence too. 
Image: File / MARK ANDREWS

Following TimesLIVE’s publication of a story in which a 30-year-old KwaZulu-Natal woman was handed a life sentence for raping her 10-year-old cousin, a string of men have come forward to share how they too were victims of similar crimes.

“Most boys around this age are or were raped by older sisters from their neighbours … me included … we kept quiet because we never understood it was a rape,” said one man.

A string of other men attested to his claim.

“I was raped by three women who were taking care of me at about age four. I did NOT know anything about sex,” said another man.

“I was younger [than the 10-year-old boy] when it happened to me, still I wouldn’t call it rape,” replied another.

Their names are being withheld to protect their identities.

Clinical director of the Teddy Bear Foundation, Dr Shaheda Omar, agreed with the notion that most of the male victims they spoke to did not see the acts committed against them as criminal.

“Some young boys that we have dealt with have confirmed that they do not see it as sexual abuse.

“They see it as being sexually favoured to be sought after by an older woman, they see it as being ‘macho’,” said Omar.

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