SPCA in need of public’s help

Dedicated professional people are needed who are able to commit time, effort and expertise to ensure the survival of the East London SPCA.

The East London SPCA has been through a tumultuous time and needs strong leadership at the helm to take the SPCA to new heights.

Each SPCA is an independently registered non-profit organisation responsible for its own survival.

Of course the key factor is funding, especially as no financial support is received from government and any income from a municipal source is not a grant but payment for services rendered in connection with taking in stray animals.

However, it may surprise most people to learn that the main reason SPCAs have closed over the past 20 years is the lack of community support.

Each SPCA needs an elected management committee (or “Board”) comprised of local people. This is the body which directs, plans, organises and ensures the future of the SPCA.

In instances when an insufficient number of people from the surrounding community can be found to undertake this function, the SPCAs have floundered and closure has followed.

Please do not let this happen to your SPCA! An appeal is made not to take the SPCA for granted but to be part of its future and the solution to animal welfare in your district.

The SPCA provides a service which is essential to the animals and the community.

The East London SPCA has been in existence for over 100 years and it would be devastating day if this legacy were to end and the Society were to close its doors due to the lack of community support.

It is a much needed organisation, which We cover an extensive area, incorporating large areas with indigent citizens and with numerous animal related facilities, that require regular inspection. The cociety admits over 6,000 animals of all species and deals with over 11,000 animals through cruelty complaints and routine inspections annually. This they do currently with only two inspectors and one field officer.

Far too often when an SPCA is in financial difficulty, well-meaning people come forward offering to help by raising funds. This is deeply appreciated but ensuring the existence of an SPCA is an around-the-clock function and firmly vested in the community.

We are calling a special general meeting on Saturday May 4 at 10am at Griffon Hall, Buffalo Club, 1 Buffalo Park Dive, Quigney in order for us to elect a fully functioning management committee.

Individuals, especially with business backgrounds, may submit a one-page CV to Vonny Strachan at ecliaison@nspca.co.za before April 26.

Kindly ensure that you are a paid up member in order to be elected or to vote for those placing themselves up for election.

Please note that being a member of the management committee is a voluntary position with no remuneration.

Vonny Strachan
NSPCA national senior inspector


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