Foreshore opened to public fishing

After prolonged discussion with the Buffalo City of Salt Water Anglers (BCASA), Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) finally agreed to open a section of the foreshore along West Bank for public fishing from Monday. April 15.

CAST AWAY: The foreshore at West Bank was opened for public fishing recently by TNPA

Locals can fish in the designated area between 6am and 6pm.

The GO! & Express previously reported that BCASA had been pushing TNPA for some time to allow fishing in the area after it was closed off to the public in 2004.

BCASA chairperson Peter Greyvenstein said that local fishermen had been pushing back against the closure since the beginning.

“Other sporting codes were allowed [at the harbour] but we fishermen were discriminated against.” said Greyvenstein.

According to him, boating and even fishing from boats was not prohibited in the same way fishing from the shore was.

However, Greyvenstein complimented TNPA for being open to discussion.

“They [Port Authority] always had an open door policy for us,” he said.

“We’re grateful to the BCMM [Buffalo City Metro Municipality] and BCASA for our constructive engagements to date which have enabled TNPA to ease some of the restrictions on fishing in the port without compromising safety and security of the port, port users and operations,” said East London port manager Sharon Sijako.

“The re-opening of the foreshore will initially run as a three-month trial to ensure all goes according to plan and we’re calling on the angling community to be responsible in its use of the site.”

Permits to fish at the foreshore can be purchased for R50 per person from TNPA. BCASA will facilitate the completion of indemnity forms, assisted by Bilimoria Fishing Tackle in Vincent. TNPA will then issue the permits through BCASA.


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