Readers have their say on Semenya ruling

Given the controversy surrounding the recent ruling against Caster Semenya, the GO! & Express asked our readers over Facebook whether they agreed with the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) decision that women with elevated testosterone must take medication to lower these levels.

Most readers disagreed with the decision, calling it unfair and discriminatory.

Beverly Young said it was “discrimination of the highest and personal order” and said it was based on “pure envy”.

This was echoed by Beverly-Anne Mokawem, who said: “This is not only invasive and insulting, but what about her rights as a human being, she has not taken substances to make her testosterone high, she was born this way”

Not everyone objected to the ruling, however, with some saying it was necessary to make the competition more fair.

“Rules are rules. International rules are required to be fair to all. Many South Africans don’t accept rules,” said Aubrey Richard McGarry on the GO! Facebook group.

Mike John Stone also agreed with the CAS’ decision. According to Stone, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) needed to create separate race categories to accommodate athletes with similar conditions to Semenya.

“The IOC has the games for the disabled for people who were born with disabilities including those who have become disabled, perhaps they need to have a category for men who were born without testicles or have lost them in an accident or due to medical reasons, thereby having abnormally low levels of testosterone and a category for women who are born with testicles and don’t wish to have them surgically removed, giving them the testosterone levels of a man”


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