Johannesburg mother, 76, is tied to hospital benches, forced to lie on floor

Seventy-six-year-old Martha Marais was found tied to a bench of chairs and lying on the floor of the Mamelodi Hospital by her daughter Stephnie. 
Image: Via Facebook/Virginia Keppler

“I was devastated to see my mother like that, being tied and sleeping on the floor.” These are the words of Stephnie Marais, who found her mom tied to a bench of chairs and lying on the floor of the Mamelodi Hospital.

The family consented to images and videos shared publicly to show how poorly their mother was treated by medical staff.

Martha Marais, 76, was referred to the hospital for treatment as she had been feeling unwell on Tuesday morning, said her daughter.

Stephnie said she had on different occasions contacted the hospital telephonically to check on her mother’s progress during the day and was told all was well.

“The hospital staff was quite helpful. I called and was told that she was receiving medical attention with a doctor,” she said.

To her surprise, on her arrival home from work in the evening, she found her mother had not returned. She and another family member rushed to the hospital.

“On our arrival, we were told she was in the casualty ward. As we walked down the passage, my sister said ‘wait, is that not mom by the benches?’. I screamed. I couldn’t believe it,” Stephnie told TimesLIVE on Thursday.

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