Survivor SA’s Felix got PLAYED hardcore!

Felix became the fifth contestant to be eliminated from ‘Survivor SA: Island of Secrets’. Image: Supplied

Can someone please get Survivor SA’s Felix a controller because the dude just got played!

We all knew that Survivor SA: Island of Secrets would bring more drama and betrayal than a day-time soapie, but even we were surprised when Felix was blindsided on this week’s episode.

Felix’s tribe Laumei are having a nasty run of luck at the moment and after losing their immunity challenge were sent to tribal council.

Everyone thought that after narrowly escaping elimination last week Durāo would be the next to go.

Even Durāo played up to this fact, acting like he was on death row.

But Survivor does work like that.

Durāo, Tania and Jacques formed an alliance to blindside Felix and convince him that he had nothing to fear. After all, he the former Ta’alo members had made a pact to protect each other.

The 29-year-old sales consultant from Pretoria was super confident, even smiling when Durāo’s name was the first to be read out by host Nico Panagio.

And then his name came up. At first it wasn’t a crisis, until he realised that he had the most votes and was on his way out.

It seemed that it was Felix’s “bossiness” that had rubbed people up the wrong way and when turned on Jacques in the aftermath of the immunity challenge his loyalty was called into question.



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