Famsa holiday activities

FUN AND GAMES: Families have a blast at a picnic held by FAMSA at Southernwood Primary School earlier this year. Picture: FILE

With the June holidays finally here, Families South Africa (Famsa) will be holding a holiday programme from June 24 until 26 at Cranberry Primary School and then from June 27 to 29 at AW Barnes Primary School.

The annual programme is aimed at grade 6 and 7 pupils and is intended to divert their attention from crime and drugs and keep them off the streets.

Famsa social worker Sinclair Makoba said the programme’s theme was “I believe I can” and the intention was intends to help children make a success of their lives.

“Our heart’s desire is to get them [the children] to kick-start things that they will carry on with. It’s also beneficial for those that can work with their hands,” Makoba said.

Various activities will take place such as dance, pottery, exercise bootcamp and volley ball.

Famsa also aims to give the pupils life skills to cope with the transitions they will experience from grade 6 to 7, then from grade 7 to 8.

“We’re targeting 500 children and we also do get children out of our target age group that participate. We’ll also have catering prepared for the children,” Makoba said.

In addition to the Famsa programme, Free2Dance Network will provide an inter-denominational creative arts network which brings churches and communities together through dance and arts.

In conjunction with Khanya Youth Development Centre, the day promises to cater for those affected by poverty and drug use in their surroundings.

“The centre has a good link with schools in the area where it also has a network of organisations trying to combat different issues within the community,” centre manager Pierre Fray said.


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