Strewn refuse a health risk

STENCH: A alleged to be looking for looking goods to sell or recycle in can sell in King William’s Town and Sweetwaters. Picture: THEMBELA NDLUMBINI

Zwelitsha residents of Zwelitsha are fed up with rubbish that is left strewn in the area, causing a stench and health risk.

Local resident, Mbuyiseli Booi, said the area’s streets were always covered with litter.

He said people living on the streets, as well as stray dogs, rummaged through the garbage. street dwellers scanning for a meal in the rubbish and those looking to find goods to sell.

“Some of the beggars look for empty plastic bottles, tins, metal or anything they can sell to second-hand shops in order make money.

“It is quite concerning, because the site will increase the spread of diseases or chronic illnesses. There are sanitary towels, used condoms and dead animals that are exposed to the public, which can cause some illnesses,” Booi said.

He claimed that when the municipality collected rubbish, they sometimes left garbage behind, thereby adding to the existing problem.


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