Win double tickets to ‘The Lion King’

In partnership with the GO! & Express, movies@hemingways are giving away two 2x sets of double movie tickets to see The Lion King which starts showing is launching this Friday.

The Lion King (2019) is a CGI remake of Disney’s 1994 film of the same name.

The story follows Simba (Donald Glover), a young lion cub who flees his home in the Pride Lands after his father, Mufasa (James Earl Jones), is killed by his uncle Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

He is rescued by the meerkat Timone (Billy Eichner) and his warthog friend Pumbaa (Seth Rogan), who raise him to adulthood.

However, a sudden reunion with childhood friend Nala (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter) makes Simba realise that he cannot keep running from his past.

He chooses to return to the Pride Lands and confront Scar to retake his rightful place as king.

To enter, please e-mail your full name, day-time contact number and the answer to with the subject line “LION KING” by 2pm Friday.

QUESTION: What is the name of the movie theatre in East London that will be screening The Lion King?



  1. I would like to see the new lion king movie with my husband and kids haven’t been to the movies in a very very long time


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