Wow! Here’s what a record-breaking ring with 7,777 diamonds looks like

The Lotus Temple Ring recently broke the Guinness world record for the ‘most diamonds set in one ring’ – and it’s going on sale so if your pockets are deep enough, you could own this masterpiece

It took a team of 12 artisans 18 months to create the Lotus Temple Ring. Image: Supplied

How many stones would it take to equal the Guinness world record for the “most diamonds set in one ring”? The answer is 7,777.

That’s how many sparklers have been incorporated into the Lotus Temple Ring, the new world recorder holder. This magnificent piece is scheduled to go up for auction soon, although the date it’ll go under the hammer has yet to be finalised.

The ring was designed by Mumbai-based Lakshikaa Jewels, taking inspiration from The Lotus Temple, a Bahá’í house of worship in New Delhi, India.

Funnily enough, the last ring to hold the record was also made in India and inspired by a lotus flower. It featured an impressive 6,690 diamonds and was valued at just over $4.1m (about R58m). The Lotus Temple Ring has yet to be valued.

NThe Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, was the inspiration behind the design of the record-breaking ring. 
Image: 123RF/saiko3p

The ring was conceptualised and designed by Prince Bhandari, founder of Lakshikaa Jewels, who wanted to use exactly 7,777 diamonds, “because it is an auspicious number”.

The “magical 7” number is also represented in the 70.423g weight of the ring.

The ring is designed to mimic the shape of a closed lotus flower and is made up of 27 petals studded with thousands of round brilliant-cut diamonds. It took a team of 12 artisans “18 months and innumerable hours” to create it.

WATCH | The making of the Lotus Temple Ring

In an interview with the Jewellery Focus, Bhandari said that he had no intention of breaking a world record when designing the ring, he simply wanted “to explore the beauty of architecture in diamonds”.

“I’m going to continue to explore iconic landmarks, such as the Seven Wonders of the World, Antilla and Burj Khalifa and others, in the form of jewellery and models,” he says.




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