Help Whistle and Wags stock its new shop

Whistle and Wags Animal Friends opened up their new charity shop in Gonubie on Saturday with the aim of raising funds for various animal charities throughout East London.

“We are basically a charity shop for animals,” said store owner Michelle Henning.

FOOD IN BOWLS: Whistle and Wags member Michelle Henning at the NPO’s new charity store in Gonubie

The store is just another addition to Whistle and Wags’ continued support of animal welfare in East London.

The GO! & Express previously reported that the organisation hosted a food drive outside Gonubie SPAR to raise money for pet food and health supplies for various animal shelters.

“Our main objectives are to fill the bowls of rescued animals, to network for animals in need of rehoming or fostering and to promote the education of the humane treatment of animals – domestic and wild,” said Henning.

The store sells pre-loved items and books which are donated by members of the community. The proceeds are then used to help other animal-focused organisations.

“We basically raise funds for buying pet food and try and get it to various animal charities,” Henning said.

Whistle and Wags supports a number of different animal-welfare organisations in the area. Examples include the EL SPCA, Furry Godmother, Buckaroo and Spay-A-Stray. Of course, Henning said she wants to expand the list of beneficiaries even further.

Whistle and Wags also works with Meals On Wheels, buying and packing food for members with pets.

According to Henning, said they also want to assist with sterilisation in the future.

She called on members of the community to donate any unwanted items or books.

“They can drop them off at the shop or they can phone me. If it’s small items, I can come and collect. , it’s no problem. Larger items will have to be delivered, though,” she said. Henning.

However, Henning said while they cannot take high-end electronics, such as like computers, small electronics, such as radios, are fine.

Henning is especially keen on getting her hands on an embroidery machine and is asking for donations.

“I used to make dog collars and embroider the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number on it,” she said.

Whistle and Wags is also starting a foster programme for dogs whose owners moved into old age homes.

“A lot of people who go into retirement homes, aren’t allowed to take their pets with them and sometimes Pet Pals and the SPCA are full, the SPCA is full so we try and help out,” said Henning.

So far, they have organised two successful adoptions and are hoping to do more.

Henning said she is also looking for volunteers to help around the shop, as well as sponsorship for their new sign.

“We’re still finding our feet but we’re getting there.” she said.

Whistle and Wags can be found on the Gonubie Main Road, next to Beehive Furniture. For more information, call Henning on 063-979-3431 or e-mail


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