114 years of Hudson schools’ ‘family’

Former Hudsonb Park pupil, and Media practioner, Siki Mgabadeli, presentung her speech during the school’s Founder’s Day

Hudson Park High School’s Centenary Hall was packed with pupils from both the primary and high school as they celebrated the Hudson’s 114th birthday last week Friday.

Hudson Primary School principal headmaster Ian Lehy welcomed the guests and pupils with words of motivation.

“Remember that every choice that you make as the member of the Hudson Park family helps to grow our school, so ensure that your actions and words are carefully chosen, because we are all an advertisement of Hudson Park.

“Our school has not only survived for 114 years, but it has grown and changed and it will continue to do so.

“At the end of 2019, this year, we shall say goodbye to two staff members – Brenda Moss and Bobby Nel. Although each year we take leave of some staff members, parents and pupils, at Hudson Park the baton will be passed on, and it will be up to the young pupils and teachers to ensure that our traditions and virtues survive, and that our school continues to develop,” Lehy said.

Former pupil Sikelelwa Mgabadeli was the guest speaker of the event.

Mgabadeli is a prominent journalist, executive producer, news anchor, facilitator and television and radio host.

“In my matric year in 1995, I wasn’t supposed to make it. I had a tough matric year, a lot of people were giving up on me, including myself, except for two exceptional teachers – my English teacher and my biology teacher.

“They supported me and never gave up on me, although I was already throwing in the towel. That was my first lesson: it’s okay to accept help, even though it seems like you don’t need it or don’t know how to accept it,” she said.

“Family is everything. Without their support, from them, you will be lacking can lack somewhere in life.

“I hope that you treat one another well, that you are tolerant and that you take the time to learn somebody else’s culture and language. It will enrich your lives so much more,” she said.

Mgabadeli said the most important lesson she learnt was that representation matters.

“It is a great affirmation, as it makes you realise that you also can also do something great with your life,” she said.


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