Help with honing their skills

TALENT SHOW: Xhosa poet Ongezwa Mlathe performing at the Duncan Village Experience on Saturday in Gompo Hall

The Gompo Hall was full of young and old people, all showcasing their talents at the recent Duncan Village Experience hosted by the Innovation Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics Arts Programme (ISTEAM).

ISTEAM is a non-profit organisation aimed at providing support and facilities to develop the skills of young people from disadvantaged communities.

“We have recruited pupils from six high schools in Duncan Village, eight from each school, in grade eight and nine.

“We choose the best-performing pupils from the schools so that we can expose them to engineering, information technology and other scientific programmes at an early age.

“We have extra lessons with the pupil on the mentioned subjects,” said ISTEAM founder Magorhandile Mgxashe.

He said the organisation was established in December last year.

“We want to develop the youth of Duncan Village. We have a national problem of unemployment in our country, so my main focus was developing youth in education and arts.

“We are partnering with Bubingomso, a non-profit organisation that aims to build a sense of real and imminent possibility for the young people of Buffalo City through a multi-sectoral package of interventions,” he said.

Poets, rappers, singers, fashion designers and other artists exhibited their talent to the community of Duncan Village.

“The purpose of this experience is for the creative young people to learn the ins and outs of the arts and culture industry, and to share the knowledge with amongst each other,” said Mgxashe.

“It is time for South Africa to recognise the talent of East London, so it is events like these that will grant such opportunities.”


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