Twitter curators will block hate speech while allowing users to follow topics of interest

Topics curated by Twitter staff should help prevent users seeing hateful or harmful tweets while allowing them to ‘follow’ subjects of interest such as sports teams and television programmes.
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Twitter users will soon be able to follow topics that interest them.

These will include sports teams and television shows, with a selection of tweets about them inserted alongside tweets in users’ home feeds.

According to a Verge report, tests have started on Twitter for Android.

If successful, the roll-out will see topics curated by Twitter staff in the hope that it will stop users seeing hateful or harmful tweets. Content related to each topic will be pulled automatically, regardless of specific hashtags or words.

Twitter is also testing several other new features, including the ability to search for DMs, the ability to re-order photos after attaching them and support for Apple’s Live Photos on iOS.

However, the app has no plans for an often-requested “edit” button that would let users change posts already fired off, saying this was “not anywhere near the top of our list” of things to do.



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