Here are the new ’emojus’ that celebrate diversity

OjuChat has over 4,800 unique ’emojus’.
Image: Oju Holdings

Gone are the days when smartphone users complained about not feeling represented in the digital space: a culturally diverse messaging application is bringing in new emoticons called “emojus” to Android users.

The new emoticons found in Oju Holdings’ OjuChat application celebrate different cultures and races.

“It is our ability to celebrate our differences, along with our own need to empower people to express themselves freely through the use of visual content that aligns to their own individuality, which has driven the creation of the platform.

“As global citizens, our diversity is our strength and we believe that inclusion is the key to unlocking that strength, especially in an increasingly digital world.

“All people experience emotion and we all smile in the same language – OjuChat will be the platform that connects us through our diversity,” the company said.

It revealed that OjuChat has more than 4,800 unique “emojus” (including a sticker section) with additions being added dynamically.

“Anything the market says it wants to consume can be created and made available. The app is in a constant state of evolution and the team is currently working on adding voice and introducing an iOS version,” the company said.



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