Inspirational force to youth

SPREADING THE LOVE: Dida Copiso with his two locally published books. Picture: SUPPLIED

East London resident, Dida Copiso is making waves in his community through a youth development programme in Reeston, as well as by publishing a new novel.

Deep Desperation is Destructive is the sequel to his previous 2018 book, ”Nothing” can be “Something” – “Something” can be “Nothing” (“GO! & Express, Flair for writing”, December 6 2018).

“This book is a continuation from the debut novel and is aimed at creating responsible, caring and loving men as it attacks the rape culture that men have come to adopt,” Copiso said.

“The decisions we take are the only instruments that will either destroy or develop our lives,” he added.

Copiso also and produced a hip-hop single, titled From Nothing to Something, which was recorded, mixed and mastered in Reeston – and is now available on digital platforms, such as Apple iTunes, Google Play Music and Spotify.

Speaking about the Reeston Youth Development Programme, he said he conceptualised it because of a lack of inspiration among the youth due to the and an over-theoretical education system to which they are exposed to, as well as and limited extramural activities within school premises and the community.

“Young people find themselves dropping out of school, indulging in drugs and alcohol, striving through prostitution, going in and out of toxic relationships, resorting to crime and eventually committing suicide,” he said.

Copiso’s university classmates, S’phamandla Mgedu and Simthembile Socishe, facilitated nine sessions throughout 2019, the year, and now left with only three left.

Sessions are held once a month.

“We can pretty much say we have achieved a chunk of what we had planned to achieve for the year. The programme continues in despite a lack of funding from potential stakeholders,” he said.

Youth development attendee, Siyabonga James said it has taught them to take charge of their lives and future.

“It invites people of different careers to share their knowledge and experience with us.

“It helps a lot because some of us are talented, but not exposed to platforms where one can showcase their talent,” James said.

In addition to balancing his BCom studies at the University of Fort Hare, Copiso has also worked with New Horizon Tutors, Matt World Production and Bumb’INGOMSO to empower, influence passion and spread love in schools around the Eastern Cape.

Copies of bothThe books cost are R150 each and orders can be placed on 071-038-9667, e-mail or Dida Copiso across social media accounts.


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