Electricity system ‘vulnerable’, but no load-shedding expected

Eskom said on Monday night that load-shedding was not expected on Tuesday, despite the power grid being under pressure.
Image: 123RF/choneschones

Power utility Eskom said on Monday night that the country’s electricity was “constrained and vulnerable”, but that it didn’t expect load-shedding.

In a tweeted statement at about 10.40pm, Eskom said there was an “unexpected loss of generation units” at the weekend, which left the power grid under strain. It would remain this way until Thursday.

“Load-shedding, however, is not expected,” the statement read.

But it contained a warning.

“The system remains vulnerable to a number of variables due to historic factors such as inadequate maintenance, as well as the ageing of plant. The unexpected loss of additional units may result in load-shedding at short notice,” it read.

Eskom added that the unplanned breakdowns were above the 9,500MW “critical threshold”, which means emergency diesel and water resources were used to meet demand.



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