Water board urges users to save

Amatola Water is urging Eastern Cape residents to use water sparingly as the ongoing drought continues to worsen.

“Water is a natural resource and it cannot be reporduced but can only be conserved,” said communications and stakeholder manager Nosisa Sogayise.

According to Sogayise, South Africa is one of the Top 30 driest countries in the world and does not have large lakes or rivers like other countries on the continent.

“The Eastern Cape is currently witnessing the decline in dam levels. Rooikrantz Dam, which is the dam that feeds Bisho, is below 30% and Wriggleswade Dam is also very low.

“This means people should continue to use water sparingly and take the issue of saving water as a lifestyle,” said Sogayise.

“Every drop counts.”

The GO! & Express has previously reported how some parts of the province have already run into their own Day Zero scenario where the water supply completely dries up.

Towns like Adelaide are having to rely on donations from groups like Gift of the Givers in order to get by.

Tips to help save water


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