Leave the matrics alone

The first thing I’d like to do here is offer a big congratulations to the Matric Class of 2019. Your dedication to your studies has helped not just BCM but the entire Eastern Cape achieve the highest pass rate since the dawn of democracy.

You’ve all worked extremely hard to get here today and for that, you deserve recognition.

With that out of the way, let’s turn our attention to the less positive topic of this article.

It’s become a sort of unofficial tradition here in SA that every release of matric results is met with the same rehashed talking points.

When it started, it was a more or less reasonable debate centred on the very valid concerns about our education system, such as how the results tend to ignore students who dropped out before matric, the almost exclusive focus on matric results overlooks the importance of foundation phase learning, and so forth.

As is usually the case with any public debate that goes on for too long, however, time went on, however, the discussion slowly morphed into something increasingly toxic as nuance was lost and broad emotional catchphrases took over.

I have seen actual adults straight up attacking matric students online, calling their achievements ‘worthless’ and declaring – with that smug sense of self-righteousness – that they actually didn’t deserve to pass.

To those people I simply ask: can you please not?

I mean, seriously, how sad can you possibly get? The results release date is a special time for thousands of children across the country and for many of them, passing can make all the difference in their lives. And yet here you are, trying to ruin it for them with your nonsense.

Sure, there is plenty to criticise with our current education system but if that is what you wanted to do, then you’d actually be attacking the system instead of bullying the children who have no choice but to take part in it.

Rather than taking out your anger out on children whose only crime was doing their best, maybe try turning your attention to the people who are actually responsible for the current state of education in our country.


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