Risk of load-shedding Thursday night, warns Eskom


Eskom has warned of possible load-shedding on Thursday evening.

The embattled power utility said in a statement that its power system was under “stress” on Thursday morning and it was using diesel generators to meet  demand.

“The units that were expected to come back from maintenance were delayed, which led to diesel generators being used overnight.

“While we have adequate emergency reserves to supplement capacity during the day, we may need to implement load-shedding this evening to augment diesel and water at our open cycle gas turbines and pumped storage schemes.”

Eskom said unplanned outages were at 13,063MW at 6am on Thursday, slightly up from 12,620MW on Wednesday.

Customers are urged to help reduce demand.

Eskom implemented forced power cuts in December and earlier this month, as unplanned outages affected its power stations.


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