Liquor Board backs efforts to curb Covid-19


The Eastern Cape Liquor Board (ECLB) has come out in full support of President Cyril
Ramaphosa’s efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19. “We must accept that this is a global phenomenon and has come to our shores. “Henceforth, it is vitally crucial that we remain vigilant to offset any potential risk that might arise in our province.

“It is, however, heartening to learn that across the country, people are responding with
amazing energy and creativity to the challenge that we face,” ECLB spokesperson
Phumlani Fani said. Fani said there had been increasing concern that liquor outlets and shebeens in the country could pose a serious risk of exacerbating the crisis if they allowed excessive numbers of people at their premises.

Following Ramaphosa’s announcement of a national lockdown, these venues are now prohibited from operating. Fani added that they wished to extend their encouragement
to liquor traders to strictly adhere to these new regulations and ensure that they placed the
highest premium on the safety of their patrons and the community which they served.

“As the liquor authority, we shall take the necessary steps to ensure that various liquor
establishments observe these conditions in totality.

“Our liquor inspectors throughout the province will, in partnership with the South African Police Service, on a regular basis, monitor the implementation of these regulations,” Fani said.

Mthombo’s Palace Restro Lounge owner Mthombo Nkula shared his grievances on the regulations that have to be adhered to by citizens when it comes to social gatherings.

“This past weekend has affected our businesses badly, especially mine, as I also attract
tourists who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Mdantsane,” Nkula said.

“I have 25 permanent employees, and I have to cut down the number during the week,” Nkula said.

“The national lockdown is going to make things worse, especially for us entrepreneurs,” Nkula said.


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