Outcry over price of sanitiser for EC municipality

A company owned by Nombulelo Mantini, a politically well-connected businesswoman, is accused of charging excessive sanitiser prices.

Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) has procured hand sanitisers for its staff at R175 per 500ml bottle, pricing some have criticised as excessive. The municipality paid R50 apiece for surgical face masks, which normally sell for less than R20.

The company awarded this work was IC Bane Trading, a company that, according to the government database, is owned by Nombulelo Mantini, a politically well-connected businesswoman.

DispatchLIVE received the information from a source who said the municipality had accepted what they knew “was not right”.

“We have seen things happening but this is total theft and the sanitisers were way too expensive. This is what the ministers have warned about, the Covid-19 corruption. I leaked these documents for the province to know how bad this is,” said the politician, who wanted to remain anonymous.

DispatchLIVE managed to verify the source of the documents and Mantini confirmed her company had supplied the municipality with sanitising items at the amounts charged.

Her company invoiced the district municipality more than R175,000 for 500 bottles of sanitiser, 1,000 pairs of gloves, 1,000 units of soap, 500 masks, 100 buckets with a tip tap and 120 20-litre containers with tip taps.

These items were invoiced to the municipality as follows:

  • Sanitiser 500ml @ R175,00
  • Gloves @ R4,48
  • Lifebuoy soap @ R17,49
  • Masks @ R50,00
    • Bucket with tip tap @ R126,00
    • 20-litre container with tip tap @ R140,00

    The company was paid R87,500 for 500 sanitisers and R25,000 for 500 masks, among other items.

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