Driveway run raises over R60,000

RUNNING FOR A CAUSE: Terry Gillham has managed to raise over R63,000 for the less-fortunate community members at Morgan Bay

Morgan Bay resident Terry Gillham has not let the national lockdown get him down, and recently found a way to not only keep fit but also raise money for those in need.

Gillham recently organised a unique kind of fun-run, which saw him running laps in his own driveway with people sponsoring him for each lap complete.

“At the commencement of the lockdown, with us not being able to get down to the beaches, we figured we’d do some exercise,” Gillham said.

“We normally run on the beaches and across the cliffs, but since we’re under lockdown, we decided to run up and down the driveway.”

Gillham’s driveway is approximately 65m long with a 7m elevation.

“It’s not the length of the driveway that was a challenge, it was the gradient,” he said.

He started slow, with just 15 laps a day, but within a week he said he was able to do 25 laps without stopping.

“It eventually dawned on me that I should try doing something more to raise funds for the community,” Gillham said.

He came up with the idea to run 50 laps of his driveway in one go, with people sponsoring him for 50c per lap.

“I started out really small, thinking if I could raise a couple of thousand and, that would be wonderful,” Gillham said.

However, the results exceeded all his expectations.

At the time of writing, Gillham’s efforts had raised ove R63,000, all of which goes to a community-run fund to aid the nearby township outside Morgan Bay.

Gillham initially started out by asking friends and family to help, but his call for donations quickly spread far beyond his own social circle.

“What’s blown me away is that I’ve had a couple of donations from people that I don’t even know, people who haven’t even been to Morgan Bay. They just heard about it through a friend and decided they’d like to help,” he said.

All donations went straight to the Morgan Bay community fund, which is assisting in purchasing food and other essentials for the less-fortunate members of the community.

Those looking to donate to the fund can contact for more information.


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