HTIN feeds children, and 4,000 homes

Lack of access to food has become one of the most pressing concerns during the ongoing national lockdown.

HELPING HANDS: Helping Those in Need (HTIN) is providing food parcels to East London households during the lockdown

Thankfully, a number of organisations have stepped up to provide assistance to the less fortunate.

One such organisation is Helping Those in Need (HTIN), founded in 2017 by Matthew and Marion Peake.

“We know how it feels to go to bed hungry. We found ourselves in great need many times with no helping hand available,” Marion said.

HTIN began with the couple asking for donations on Facebook to help two children’s homes over Christmas.

“We received messages on Facebook from moms with pleas for food, clothing and toys for their children.

“Matthew, in his personal capacity, took to the streets every day after Christmas to minister to men waiting for jobs on corners, and heard more requests for help there.”

HTIN have also been working hard during the lockdown and have managed to assist many less-fortunate people in East London.

Marion said they had provided food to nearly 2,000 children through feeding schemes and had delivered food parcels to more than 4,000 homes.

But funding remains a constant challenge.

For more information, or to make a donation, visit or call 072-348-4528,


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